The Sauterelle Territory

An area with exclusive hunting and fishing rights.

The Territory

A little gem of a territory, the Sauterelle covers over 60 square kilometers. Lake Sauterelle, 7 km long, is the largest in the area and the one after which it is named. Very hilly, the region is a veritable paradise for speckled trout in Quebec. It also boasts rich fauna, and is a favoured haunt of the king of our forests, the moose. It is reached by seaplane in about 30 minutes from the Sainte-Anne-du-Lac base. Only 4 chalets can be rented thoughout the territory in order to preserve all the potential fauna it contains. A camp manager is present on a permanent basis and a constant radio link is maintained between the site and the air base to respond to any emergency. One of our planes is always ready to take off if necessary.

Angling Value

This territory is characterized above all by the speckled trout. They are everywhere- the queen of the territory to be found in the smallest stretches of water or streams. Some lake boast trout of average size, easy to catch and easy to throw back in the water - while others hold the challenge of fish weighing more than 1 kg (2 lbs).

Considering the small number of chalets available in the territory, fishing pressure is minimal, and anglers wishing to wander at leisure along the trails leading to headwater lakes will be astonished by the choice.

Moose Hunting Fishing Combo

In common with the Moselle territory, the moose-hunting season lasts for 4 weeks at mid-September to mid-October. The packages offered consist of 4 periods of 7 consecutive day hunts. Hunters can enjoy a vast, exclusive area, lodging in a chalet, and exploring trails extending to the farthest reaches of the territory. 
In all, only four immense territories are available, where you can hunt as much as you wish and take all the time needed to catch the much-coveted game. Every year, impressive males are taken. Transporation of venison and antlers is included in the round trip.


Number of cottages

Speckled Trout


3 (three) *


1 (one)


1 (one)

* Running water, showers and solar lighting in all camps

* In Chenet you can fish for walleye



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